The Rehab of an old Famous Fishbowl bus

Interior Before's 

The outside is as it was with the TV show. We will be leaving most of the design but adding a window and removing the "Buried Life" name from the bus. 

Exterior Before's

This is a rehab of a 1969 GM "New Look" or "Fishbowl" style bus. It was first off in 1970 a transit bus in Canada. Then it was converted into a RV/motorhome. Then back 2007/2008 "The Buried Life" acquired it for their show that would make it on MTV for 2 seasons.

Now its mine, and it will be redone to a much nicer and up dated RV/Motorhome. With the help of a few friends and my kids we should have this thing looking brand new in the next 60 days.

Old School Bus Conversion Rehab

The inside will be completely redone. Half RV and half party bus. It will sleep 8 and have a full bar when complete. We won't be keeping anything original on the inside.